July 28, 2018

Far too often in this season, we learn of others who are drowning under despair…

Far too often in this season, parents of children from hard places call me aching for hope as discouragement grows with unrelenting force.

Often we learn of women living under the beautiful guise of a “Good Marriage” who are actually struggling from grief, suffocating depression and lack of a voice.

We see children aching from lack of hope- unable to separate themselves from trauma, fear and cruel labels.

Depression, grief, loneliness, discouragement, brokenness….. these dark places are waiting to birth treasures of indescribable beauty- if only people could taste this truth and understand how to unearth such beauty-  when it feels difficult even to breathe.

After a season of focusing upon our growing family, He’s whispered to my heart to step out again as a licensed therapist in order to offer to others the hope we’ve found in hard places.

Comfort others with the comfort you’ve been given… 1 Corinthians 1:4

Update:  Following the above post, just as the covid shut downs began, both of my parents went onto hospice and my husband, David, had a stroke and was diagnosed with cancer. For the last two years my focus has been upon caring for them and our children. Now, in January of 2023, it is time to again step out and share His comfort. I can truly say, the last two years felt bloody and often impossible and hopeless. Yet, comfort did come and it is now time to share this with others.

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